Collab with DAWN Denim

This item is SUNSHINE – Tapered Soft Tencel Jogger, Mineral Blue in size 27.

100 % Lyocell Tencel®

Hand-painted, and embroidered with faux leather



Collab with DAWN Denim
Size 27

This collection is inspired by war, peace, and the line in between. 
Doesn’t matter where we come from, we should talk about the importance of peace and how we can become peacemakers. 
This work is dedicated to all of those that are still standing and resisting in my beloved Colombia; to the ones that were silenced, to the social leaders, to the indigenous and black communities, to to the 6,402 and their families, to those who were disappeared and the ones who are still looking for them, for the ones who were left with nothing and for all that believe in peace, non-repetition, reparation, memory, and truth. 
“If we stay quiet, they kill us, and if we speak, they kill us too. So, we speak.”  
Cristina Taquinas Bautista, indigenous social leader, killed the 29th of October 2019, two weeks after saying this statement. 



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