The pink dress

The pink dress, the dinosaur, and the orange city.A small poem in a corner of the small town.CreditsPH: Juan Diego Johns @Johns_phModel: Eliceth Castro 

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-hello there! I am a Berlin-based Colombian Designer, Artist, and Color expert. I make Wearable art, Digital design and tell stories through visuals, chromatic language, and humor. My work is about...

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Back in 2017, during an art performance at the residence of the Colombian ambassador in Bangkok, this dress was hand-painted. Models danced to the symphonic version of La Pollera Colorá; assistants...

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Art on Broken Pieces

This is a  collaboration with DAWN Denim where I got the chance to tell stories with stitches and painting over  beautiful  pieces to create unique wearable art.

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New book

Non-sensical beauty
Enjoy a pocket size book with a surreal narrative about love, death, life, sex and non-sense.

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Diners Magazine

Interview for Diners magazine
Three Colombians that make the country proud
Stories about our surreal country travel the world.

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From Colombia to Thailand

What is Magical Realism and why is this related to Colombia?
What about the yellow butterflies?
All about the fashion performance at the Colombian residency in Thailand.

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Gunung Sunda Festival

International Artists Program 4th Gunung Sunda Festival 2018 December 30 – 31, 2018 “Arts for Society, Society for Arts” Society is art. There is no arts if there is no society. Every society has...

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Enfoque Caribe

CAMILA MIRANDA, The creative behind ‘Le Petit Palais’ By Enfoque Magazine Camila Miranda is  a Bogotá artist who studied Fashion Design at LaSalle College; In addition, she was certified in Color...

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Young Designer Award

Camila Miranda was selected by Colombiás  Ministry of Development  and Thailand's Culture Ministry, as the emerging designer to represent Colombia in Thailand's royal most important fashion event...

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Bogotá Fashion week

The fashion and business platform Bogotá Fashion Week, selected the brand to represent emerging designers in the most important fashion event in the city. Bogotá Fashion Week (BFW) is a commercial...

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