Part of the Magical surrealism collection, as  a tribute to  Remedios la Bella one of the female characters of  One hundred years of solitude, book by the Colombian author Gabriel García  Márquez.

Úrsula, almost blind at the time, was the only person who was sufficiently calm to identify the nature of that determined wind and she left the sheets to the mercy of the light as she watched Remedios the Beauty waving good-bye in the midst of the flapping sheets that rose up with her, abandoning with her the environment of beetles and dahlias and passing through the air with her as four o’clock in the afternoon came to an end, and they were lost forever with her in the upper atmosphere where not even the highest-flying birds of memory could reach her.”

Gabriel García Márquez

Dress: Camila Miranda
Ph: Erika_zambrano
Makeup: Lili Bonil
Model:  Carolina Macias